About Cercalia

Map service focused on companies and public bodies, covers most of the world in a reliable and updated way. Cercalia.com is a product of Nexus Geographics created in 2001.

With Cercalia you have access to APIs providing location based contents and functionallities, for companies in sectors such as logistics and fleet management, call centers, insurers, real state, etc.

Each day it provides more than 10 million maps for 1,000 companies / resellers. Addressed to subscribers as a SaaS (Software as a Service)

Using Cercalia services you can instantly obtain the ETA of a vehicle taking into account the current and planned traffic, navigate a 3D map with realistic textures of buildings, massively geocode millions of addresses or coordinates, obtain service areas (isochrones) walking or driving, search for a road and milestone, or optimizing the sequence of visit points for some vehicles.

Our platform is based on own developments on the top of opensource code, and it's compatible with other javascript APIs like Leaflet or Openlayers. Our data providers are TomTom and Openstreetmap.

Our final goal is to help you implement all the geolocation functionalities your business needs. If you find any functionality missing contact us and we'll be pleased to help you.