Route optimization API

A transversal route planner API, provides the best assignment of n clients to n vehicles, and the sequence of visits.

Use this API to:

  • Plan and optimize devilery and collection services
  • Optimize the number of vehicles necessaries
  • Plan up to 600 stops at once
  • Reduce costs
  • Respect constrains


Useful for a wide range of professionals and business:

 Sales teams
 Delivery & Pick up
 Waste management
 Technical repair
 Cleaning services
 Vending machines
 Newspapers & Magazines
 Hotel & Catering industry
 Food & beverage distribution


Main features

Cost settings:

  • Vehicle cost / km
  • Vehicle cost / hour
  • Vehicle overtime cost / hour
  • Vehicle fixed cost / day

Schedule settings:

  • Drivers (vehicles) schedule
  • Avoid overtime
  • Vehicle stops
  • Customers schedule avaliable
  • Avoid delays & maximum delay
  • Visit duration

Advanced settings:

  • Vehicle capacity (multiple paramethers: volume, weight, number of pallets, etc) or multi-capacity
  • Customers priorization
  • Compatibility clients - vehicles
  • Use all vehicles
  • Force balanced work among vehicles used
  • Visit all the customers on the right side of the street
  • Departure, return and reload base location.

Get the calendar and map of the route plan

Route plan calendar
Route plan map