Cercalia APIs


Places search, using autocomplete service.


Get the coordinates (X,Y) from an address.

Reverse geocoding

Get the address information from a coordinate (X,Y).


Search a route, include waypoints, optimize the route.


Route optimization API, including several vehicles, restrictions, priorizations, etc.

Snap to road and speeding report

Adjust the historical vehicle GPS tracking to the road (map matching).

Cálculo de superfície a partir de un track GPS

Get a polygon and surface calculation from a GPS track.


Get several isochrones from a single request, based on time or distance.

Zone visit analysis

Calculate if a vehicle has passed through all the planned streets and squares, using raster analysis technology.

Snap to road

Show POIs on the map, get the POIs along a route, weather info, gas stations, etc.

Proximity search

Geofencing search, real proximity using routing and traffic info.

Snap to road

Get a PNG map including markers, shapes and labels.

Static maps

Donwload municipalities and postal code geometries, in WKT format


Massive geofencing service, using multiple polygons.

Shapefile converter

Convert WKT data to Shapefile format.

WMS Layers

WMS layers avaliables, ready to use with any maps API.