Insurance / situation room / call center

Search suite

  • Suggest search / batch geocode
  • Roads & milestone search
  • POIs search


Proximity request

  • Real proximity with routing and traffic data (n -> 1 or 1 -> n)
  • Massive routing request: One or several origins, one or several sequenced steps, one or several destinations: get all dthe combinations
  • Custom prioritization of nearest resources (vehicles, cranes, mechanical workshop, ...)
  • Geofence using an area or a route


Insurance map



  • A complete API js for a enriched data representation
  • Heatmaps
  • Own business layers
  • Complete POIs layer
  • Integration with message gateway

     API Documentation




  • Where I have more demand ?
  • Timeline demand
  • What kind of service have more demand ?
  • Statistics with heatmaps