Logistics / FM / Asset tracking

Track vehicles on maps

  • A complete API js for a enriched data representation
  • Snap to road
  • Logistics POIs
  • Several basemaps

Enrich your maps with live data

  • Real time Traffic info, from TomTom feed
  • Traffic cams
  • Meteo
Logistics map

Geocode Tool Kit

Complete geocode tool kit:

  • The most complete reverse geocoding service
  • Customizable Suggest & geocoding service
  • Batch geocode
  • Postal Code search
  • Road milestone avaliables for France, Spain and Portugal
  • Maximum speed restrictions



Advanced routing functions

Advanced routing functions:

  • ETA, with traffic info: traffic statistics & real time traffic jams
  • Truck routing & show roads restrictions
  • Simple route optimization (one vehicle, maximum 100 stops)
  • Complex route optimization (several vehicles, constraints, costs, priorization, compatibilities, maximum 600 stops)
  • Massive proximity query
  • Distance matrix
  • Isochrones
  • Route geofence / area geofence